Zone - III
Agro Climatic Zone


South Bihar Alluvial Zone (Sabour)

Weather during last week

The sky remained partial clear and no rainfall occurred during the last week. The maximum and minimum temperature ranged between 22.7 to 23.2C and 5.5 to 8.0C, respectively. Relative humidity in morning and after noon hours was in the range of 100% and 50 to 60%, respectively.  N.W. and W. winds were blowing at an average speed of  06  to 2.0 Km /hr.

Weather forecast for next five days

The sky will remain partial clear with  fog in the morning and no rainfall is expected from 3rd  January to 7th January in whole area of agro climatic zone III( a & b ). The maximum and minimum temperature is expected to goes down 1 to 2C up to 4th January. Relative humidity during morning and afternoon hours will range between 56 to 77% and 24 to 36%, respectively in agro climatic zone III(a) and 53 to 75% and 23 to 31%, respectively in agro climatic zone III (b).  S.E & N.W. winds in zone III(a) and S.E & N.W. wind in zone III(b) may blow at an average speed of 02 to 11 Km /hr.

Periodical advices to farmers

  • To prevent the late blight of potato in standing potato crop should be spraying of the Redomill or Indofil M-45 fungicide @ 2gm/ liter of water.
  • To prevent aphid attack in Rape seed and mustard should be spraying of Monocrotophos @ 1.0 ml. /liter of water or spraying of Endosulphane 2.0ml. /liter of water on un-open flower standing crop.
  • Irrigate newly planted fruits trees to protect from the cold weather. If the fruit trees having in condition of fruiting than don’t irrigate the trees or Garden.
  • The wheat crop sown 20-25 days earlier are in crown root initiation stage. During this stage light irrigation is essential for proper growth, tillering and yield. So irrigate the crop and top dress with urea @ 88 kg/ha. Before irrigation remove weeds from the crop manually or by spraying with chemical like; Isoproturon @ 1kg a.i /ha. dissolved in 700-800 liter of water, 30 to 35 days after sowing.
  • Maize, potato and sunflower sown 30 to 35 days earlier should also be top dressed with urea @ 88 kg/ha and earthing up must be done for proper growth. After earthing up, irrigate the crop in such a manner that only 2/3rd of the ridge could wet.
  • Irrigate fodder crop as per need. After first cutting of fodder like Berseem and Oat, apply light irrigation and top dress with urea @ 20 kg/ha.
  • Weeding, Irrigation, top dressing with urea and plant protection measures must be done as per need in vegetable crops like tomato, brinjal, cauliflower, cabbage etc.
  • Plant the popular seedling if you are interested and applied 10 kg decay dung in a pit. Spaces should be given between two rows is five meter and plant to plant distance is four meter