Zone - II

Agro Climatic Zone

North East Alluvial Zone  (Agwanpur)

Weather during the previous forecast period

According to meteorological data recorded at Met Observatory, Purnea, average maximum and minimum temperature were 23.8 and 11.1C respectively. Average relative humidity was 99 percent in the morning and 82 percent in the afternoon. Weather was dry during the last forecast period.

Weather Forecast for next five days

Sky is likely to be clear and weather is likely to be mainly dry. R H will be 78 to 66% in the morning and 42 to 34% in the afternoon. Winds mainly from easterly directions will blow at an average speed of 04 to 09 Km per hour.

Periodical Advice to the farmers

1.  Done weeding specially hand weeding in case of potato and maze.

2.  Give irrigation, second in case of November sown wheat.

3.  Done top dressing with proper dose of Nitrogen in all Rabi crop.

4.  Protect Borro rice nursery from cold wave by either spraying fresh water or dusting with ash.