Zone - I

Agro Climatic Zone

North West Alluvial Plain Zone (Pusa)

Weather During the Previous Forecast Period

According to meteorological data recorded at Agromet Observatory, Pusa, average maximum and minimum temperature were 22.2 and 9.8°C respectively. Average relative humidity was 92 percent at 0700 hrs and 57 percent at 1400 hrs IST. Average wind velocity, daily evaporation and sunshine were 1.3 km/hr, 0.9 mm and 3.5 hours respectively. Soil temperature at 5 cm depth was 13.7°C at 0700 hrs and 14.8°C at 1400 hrs.  Dry condition prevailed over north Bihar with dense fog in the morning hours.

Medium range weather forecast

According to medium range weather forecast , dry weather is expected to prevail over north Bihar. However, Morning fog is likely to prevail across north Bihar region. Westerly wind is likely to blow at a speed of 4 to 7 kmph which is likely to change to easterly from 5th January.  Relative humidity is likely to remain between 57 to 68 percent in the morning hours and 23 to 41 percent in the afternoon hours.   No significant change is expected in maximum and minimum temperatures. The temperature may range between 7 to 18C till the morning of 7th January.

Current advice for the farmers

The forecast weather is likely to remain favourable for outbreak of powdery mildew in pea crop. Farmers are advised to spray Sulfex or liquid sulphur @ 2 gm per litre of water against the disease.

The wheat crop which is in 21-25 days stage requires 1st irrigation. Provide irrigation to the crop which is at this stage. Spray of Endophil M-45 @ 2 gm per litre of water is advised against late blight of potato crop. Apply irrigation to this crop at this time if there is depleted moisture in the fields.

Special care has to be taken for domesticated animals particularly milch animals. Increase the level of protein in the animal feeds in this current cold condition.