Agriculture is influenced by an array of biotic and abiotic stresses, which have to be managed through multipronged strategies. A strategic science based approach is needed to address the plant health risks and issues that affect productivity. The looming threat of climate change may further exacerbate the crop losses due to pests. The integrity of agro-ecosystem is vital for sustainable agriculture. Intensive use of ecosystems to enhance productivity can affect agro-ecosystems through soil erosion, water depletion / contamination, biodiversity loss and disruption in flow of ecosystem services, which will have a bearing on plant health and bio-security. The indiscriminate use of chemical pesticides is causing wide spread environmental pollution, resistance, resurgence of insect pests and is impacting food safety. Pesticides, both chemical and bio-pesticides, do play a significant role in management of pests to minimize crop losses. However, most of the chemical pesticides have to be handled with caution and care throughout their life cycle viz., production, transport, storage, usage and disposal, in view of the adverse impact they have on the agro-eco-systems, environment and human health. Ever since the launch of green revolution in the 1960s, the consumption of chemical pesticides has been widespread and used quite excessively by the farmers on different crops. Chemical crop protection products, also known as pesticides, help farmers control insects, weeds, fungi and other potentially harmful pests. The term pesticide encompasses a whole range of products including insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and rodenticides. The Insecticide Act, 1968 and Insecticide Rules, 1971 regulates import, manufacture, sale, transport, distribution and use of pesticides in the country. State Pesticide Testing Laboratories analyze the samples sent by the Insecticide Inspectors for quality assessment.


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